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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] Plywood Shear Walls on Metal Studs

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I recently contacted John Rose from APA regarding this matter. In the
literature sent out by the AISI (American Iron and Steel Institute) there
were two summaries of tests done with plywood and gypsum on steel stud. The
first, done by AISI rated gypsum sheathed walls higher than plywood -
highly unlikely. This was summarized, as I understand it, in static testing
APA published research paper #154 (John R. Tissell, Structural Panel Shear
Walls, Research Report #154, American Plywood Association, Tacoma
Washington, May 1993). The values in this report are considered the best to
date, but don't exceed 395 plf for a 16 gauge stud with 7/16" OSB one side
and 10-24 fasteners spaced at 4:12. 
These are fairly close to the standard values of plywood shearwalls as
indicated in the 94 UBC.

Further information led me to an Ad-hoc committee of SEAOSC that has a
draft of cyclic loading test criteria suggested by John Kariotis SE. This
report, as I understand, has received approval by SEAOC and is available in
Draft form.  I suggest that you contact the SEAOSC office to obtain a copy
of this. The chair for this Ad-hoc Committee is Graham Dick from Dick &
Patel in Orange County.

Hope that this enlightens some.
Dennis Wish PE