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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] Plywood Shear Walls on Metal Studs

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Carl, in addition to the recent response to your question from Dennis Wish,
there is an ICBO ES report for shear walls and diaphragms with wood
structural panel sheathing attached to steel framing (ICBO ER#4144) for
Erico pins/nails pneumatically driven into steel framing.  This is the only
practical application now, although Aerosmith from AZ is also working on a
ICBO ES report for a similar fastener; contact ICBO ES in Whittier, CA for
status.  Another fastener manufacturer (Pneutek, ICBO ER #3447) has
recognition for pins/nails in heavier gages of steel for diaphragms.

AISI has made a code change proposal for the '97 UBC to add shear wall
values for steel framing into the body of the code; the information is based
on monotonic and cyclic load shear wall tests (SEAOSC protocol) conducted by
Dr. Reynaud Serrette at Santa Clara Univ. and Simpson Strong-Tie Co. (Brea,
CA). The proposed values are in strength limit states/LRFD format; e.g.,
they must be reduced for ASD by applying a load or safety factor.  There are
some inconsistencies in their values that I believe should be corrected at
the next ICBO hearing this fall.

John Rose, APA/Tacoma, WA

>I don't remember seeing this subject recently.  I'm fishing for the latest,
>state-of-the-art thinking on using plywood shear walls on metal studs.
> Off-the-wall opinions are very welcome.
>1.  Can the UBC values for plywood shear walls apply to plywood on metal
>studs?  If not, what values should be used?
>2.  What are the special challenges with this type of construction?
>3.  Any other interesting comments?
>Thanks.  Carl Sramek