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[SEAOC] RE: [SEAOC] Plywood Shear Walls on Metal Studs

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1.  No.  The ICBO Research Reports are the first source for information.  I 
haven't looked at the latest reports, but there was on Report No. 2392P for 
plywood on metal studs.  Keep in mind these reports are product specific, 
and this report is for Angeles Metal Systems.  There is also a report "Shear 
Resistance of Walls with Steel Studs" by Klippstein and Tarpy of the Dept. 
of Civil Engr. @ the Univ. of Pittsburgh (Research Report No. CE/ST-09) 
January 1991.

Another potential source of information is the Center for Cold-Formed Steel 
Structures, 1870 Miner Circle, Univ. of Missouri-Rolla, Rolla, MO 

2.  Connectors for hold downs can be a problem if you are looking for ICBO 
Research Reports for a premanufactured connector.  Simpson is the only 
manufacturer that I am aware of that publishes a catalogue with ICBO values 
for metal stud connectors.  You can custom design your own strapping.

3.  Be aware of potential union problems.  In most areas cold formed gauge 
metal fabrication is carpenter trade even down to 4 gauge.  Avoid mixing hot 
rolled shapes (iron worker trade) with cold formed in a single assemblage. 
 It is not a big problem, but it is just something to be aware of.

Also be aware that the A525 spec for galvanizing of sheet metal has been 
superceded by the A653 spec.  You can still specify the G90 within the A653 
which does afford better protection for corrosion over the more standard 

Harold Sprague
Black & Veatch
From: seaoc
To: seaoc
Subject: [SEAOC] Plywood Shear Walls on Metal Studs
Date: Wednesday, August 07, 1996 1:55AM

I don't remember seeing this subject recently.  I'm fishing for the latest,
state-of-the-art thinking on using plywood shear walls on metal studs.
 Off-the-wall opinions are very welcome.

1.  Can the UBC values for plywood shear walls apply to plywood on metal
studs?  If not, what values should be used?

2.  What are the special challenges with this type of construction?

3.  Any other interesting comments?

Thanks.  Carl Sramek