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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] Plywood Shear Walls on Metal Studs

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APA has published a paper entitled,"Calculation by Principles of Mechanics,"
which can be used to calculate theoretical shearwall values for statically
loaded plywood shearwalls.  At first glance, the procedure seems somewhat
involved.  However, the only potentially difficult step in the calculation
would be the determination of the appropriate allowable load values for the
screws or pneumatic pins.

The Structural Engineers Association of Hawaii(which has interest in both
wind and earthquake resistance) performed ssuch calculations, and found
shearwall values to be slightly less than , bu comparable to, plywood and
wood stud shearwall values.  ( The metal stud used were of 20 to 16 gauge
material.)  These values are included in a more comprehensive report
entitled,"Structural Guidelines for Design and Detailing of Cold-Formed Steel
Framing,"  that is being editorially reviewed by the current SEAOH Board of
Directors, and scheduled for publication soon(this year).

Note:  Careful design of the boundary elements is critical.  Buckling and
twisting of the boundary studs has resulted in premature failures for some of
the tests run at the University of Santa Clara and by APA.

All inquiries regarding the upcoming SEAOH guidelines booklet should be sent
to :

Structural Engineers Association of Hawaii
P.O. Box 3348
Honolulu, Hawaii  96801
Attention: Myron Okubo, President

Gary Lum, S.E.(California and Hawaii)
(courtesy of this email address)