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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] Masonry Special Inspection

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At 03:29 PM 8/9/96 -0800, Jeff Smith wrote:
>The 1994 UBC section 1701.5.7.2 (page 1-248) states:
>"For fully grouted open-end hollow-unit masonry during the preparation and
>taking of any required prisms or test specimans, at the start of laying
>units, after the placement or reinforcing steel, grout space prior to each
>grouting operation, and during all grouting operations."
>For designs using full stresses, does this 1994 UBC wording indicate that a
>form of periodic special inspection is allowed for fully grouted open-end
>hollow-unit masonry?  It has been my understanding that the previous UBC
>required continuous full time special inspection, that is to say that the
>special inspector had to be on the site full time inspecting the block
>being placed. (unless clean outs were placed at *every* vertical bar)
>Your comments on this would be appreciated
>Jeff Smith
If the engineer calls for continuous inspection, or the stresses are 100%.
In general, however, structural walls must be given deputy inspection.
Garden walls, probably. The reason? MOST MASONS DON'T KNOW.