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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] Wood-floor vibration design.

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     I appreciate your offer and i am sending an envelope.

     I also have many times volunteered sending info and now i am working on
e-mail responses to requests for scanned photos of steel trusses on a
residence. I'm not sure if this is going to work.
     I don't know alot about computer specifics but it really seems some
talented person in our group could tell us of a better way. For example, is
there a way to fax a paper to my computer from my fax machine ( they have
dedicated lines ) and send this out to the group? Can i use a $200. photo
scanner and show the group a building photo of interest ?
     Currently, i sometimes offer to send document copies by instructing the
requester to e-mail a fax number. I then get several requests from Hawaii to
Missouri to Vancouver so i fax long distance several pages . Ther must be a
better way. Why not just post it once thru the internet?
      If one of our members could give a detailed ( hopefully simple )
explanation on how to post documents and photos, i believe it could take the
system to another level. 
     One example is i have been downloading a map of S. CA earthquakes
weekly, for over a year,  from the internet newsgroup " CA EARTHQUAKES " . To
do this i bought a program called : VUEPRINT , but there may be a free
program .
     I would really appreciate any help in this area .      I could save a
stamped envelope ...

Tom Harris , SE
Thousand Oaks, CA