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[SEAOC] photos thru email

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If you use a netscape browser (free off the internet), the email package that comes with
it interprets photos sent by another user when they "attach" them.  So you could take
any photo, or picture, or file (or any html page too!) stored on your machine as a file
and "attach" it with your email.  The receiver sees the file with pictures or html
interpreted inline.  The problem is that not all people have email packages that
interpret the photo etc.  If that is the case, then the photo comes across as letters
and numbers. 

As an example I am attaching a familiar logo
What are people receiving?  If you get numbers and letters sorry !

HARRISENGR(--nospam--at) wrote:
    Why not just post it once thru the internet?
>       If one of our members could give a detailed ( hopefully simple )
> explanation on how to post documents and photos, i believe it could take the
> system to another level.
> Tom Harris , SE
> Thousand Oaks, CA
> ...

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