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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] photos thru email

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To be sure that "everyone" is capable of receiving photos (read binary 
files) you chould use two smal and free programs:
Theese progs. is avalible for all "common" platforms (UNIX, MAC, PC)
You use the UUENCODE prog. to convert binary files from 8-bit to 7-bit 
TEXT (The internet Email system uses 7-bit). When you have received the 
encoded message, you use UUDECODE to decode it.

Several EMail progs has this feature included.

To the category of binary (8-bit) files/docs is everything that is not 
plain text (read ASCII), including WordPorsessor docs (WP, Word etc), 
spreadsheats, ACAD-drawings etc. etc. etc.

The UUENCODE and UUDECODE softwase is to be forud on any lagrger BBS/FTP 



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