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[SEAOC] Repair of damaged wood columns (Rot & Termite damage)

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We have a quasi-historic (not registered) structure (a country club) in
town that is constructed of heavy timber post and beams. The columns are
8x8 Fir spaced approximately 12 feet on center. At a couple of locations,
the lower two feet of these columns are rotted away by a combination of
years of water and some obvious termite damage.
It is not feasible to remove the columns. 
I have read of a product that is an epoxy wood mixture used to repair
similar damage. The product is used in the restoration of historic sites
and can be easily molded, formed and shaped. Once dry it can be easily
sanded to match existing contours or whatever is needed to match existing
The compressive strength of the product is far superior to the original
wood and the wood to epoxy bond is excellent.
I can not seem to find the advertisement for the product, but seem to
recall seeing it in Fine Home-building or similar magazine.
Do any of you know of this product or of something similar for wood column
I tend to favor this since the finished product will be both termite and
rot resistant - rather than simply splicing in a new section of column.

Dennis S. Wish PE