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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] Basic Roof Rafter Analysis Question

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Dennis writes:

"2. I have not considered the added weight as having an effect on the
lateral stability of the structure for two reasons. First a structure this
size - conventionally framed is governed by wind rather than seismic
loading (from years of experience with lightweight wood structures).
Therefore the difference in weight would not be sufficient to cause seismic
to govern over wind."

No argument here, however... from a practical standpoint, which force is the
building likely to see, code prescribed wind or code prescribed seismic

Assuming we agree that the majority of single story wood framed residential
buildings will be more likely to experience the code  prescribed seismic
force, how will it perform?

Consider John Q. Public who has a 15% deductible on his $100,000 earthquake
rider. John's home sustains $15,000 worth of  damage in the form of cracked
stucco as a result of the most recent earthquake (post tile). Will it occur
to John that he had an engineer say it was o.k. to put on the tile?

Finally, how great a disparity is there in the fee being charged for your
blessing vs. the assumed liability.

Just thought I'd throw this out there.