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[SEAOC] Re: Re- Wood Shingles

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                      RE> Re: Wood Shingles                        8/13/96

Last summer I had a new shake roof installed on my house in San Jose.  We were
pushing the envelope -- if you wanted a new (untreated) shake roof in
California, you had to have your permit pulled by July 1, 1995.  It's my
understanding that the California legislature passed a ruling requiring all
new roofs after July 1, 1995 to have Class A fire rating.  The law also
applies to re-roofs, but not to repairs affecting less than a certain
percentage of roof area.  I like the look of shakes, and I also wanted my new
roof to last longer than 10 years -- which is about how long treated shakes

The new law was news to me at the time.  It seems like this one sneaked on
through without a whole lot of press.  I bet you'll be able to put wood
shingles on your house, but they'll have to be treated with fire retardant if
you pull a roofing permit.

Date: 8/12/96 3:23 PM
To: Shari Day
From: seaoc(--nospam--at)power.NET
Thanks for the response.  I still have the same question.  Show me where it
says that can't be used or a law that says no.  I agree with all the
problems they create, but since I live in the redwoods where there are many
people who mill there own materials, (myself included) and build their own
houses, I see a lot of it.  I also live in an historical preservation
district with pre-nineteen hundred building design.  The historical
ordinance calls for wood shingles and is generally insisted on by the
historical board.  If it is not leagal, II need something I can oint my
finger at and inform them and the building dept know.