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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] Rigid frame with masonry walls

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Well, I've seen it done before, and it seemed to work, if everything 
was connected.  
Generally the "end bays" of the frame as well as some longitudinal bays
have steel bracing to be compatible with the in-plane stiffness 
of the masonry.  The interior moment frame bays can provide lateral 
support to the masonry, often via one or more steel WF girts that are 
turned sideways to attach to the wall .  Lateral deflection of the frames 
and wall should be checked for your wind loads, as well as for 
lateral crane impact forces.  And I assume the masonry will have 
rebar or joint reinforcing as well as frequent control joints.

> Question: Is it practical to provide a high bay single story building with 
> steel rigid framing and masonry walls? 
> I've seen buildings detailed this way, but I question whether the masonry can 
> handle the lateral movements to develop rigid frame action if it is tied to 
> the steel frame.  I am currently working on a building with a 3-ton bridge 
> crane, to be steel framed with masonry veneer (brick/CMU).  While a rigid 
> steel frame could handle the loads, I am inclined to go with a braced frame to 
> prevent damage to the masonry.  Has anyone encountered a rigid frame building 
> with masonry walls which has had damage due to the frame movement due to 
> lateral loads?  (This structure is in a low seismic area but potential 
> hurricane winds.) 
> ...
Regards, MWJ

Martin Johnson
EQE International, Inc.