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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] Truss discussion.

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Thank you for your reply to some of my questions.  I also received the WTCA
1-1995 from you and your commentary and have some further comments and

1.      What if there isn't a building designer or engineer for a project; i.e. 
only the contractor is involved, such as for conventional light-frame 
construction?  Who now is responsible for the web bracing?

2.      There appears to be no provisions for any submittals to a building
department.  Many building departments accept the truss data after the fact -
not a good idea, but real world.  

3.      How high of a temperature would affect the long term strength of a

4.      What effect would be from the moisture content going from a kiln-dried 
material of 15% to less than 6%?   Would this be a similar situation to use
a 20% reduction of the allowable plate value when plates are installed at a
19%, per 
4.2 of TPI-85?

5.      We have found with the lowering of the moisture content, there is a
corresponding reduction of the cross sectional area and therefore the member
no longer size no longer conforms to Section 3.4.  Any comments?  

Neil Moore, S.E.