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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] Rigid frame with masonry walls

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I agree with Bill. Isolate the masonry from the steel frame and provided
braced frame. Having a large expanse of masonry to carry lateral load is 
too risky for a minimal return by way of economy. Aa a structural 
designer - keeps things simple(KTS).

Bill Sherman wrote:
> Question: Is it practical to provide a high bay single story building with
> steel rigid framing and masonry walls?
> I've seen buildings detailed this way, but I question whether the masonry can
> handle the lateral movements to develop rigid frame action if it is tied to
> the steel frame.  I am currently working on a building with a 3-ton bridge
> crane, to be steel framed with masonry veneer (brick/CMU).  While a rigid
> steel frame could handle the loads, I am inclined to go with a braced frame to
> prevent damage to the masonry.  Has anyone encountered a rigid frame building
> with masonry walls which has had damage due to the frame movement due to
> lateral loads?  (This structure is in a low seismic area but potential
> hurricane winds.)


Raghu Pendyala
email: pendyala(--nospam--at)