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It seems that enough has been said already on this topic, but I thought I'd 
put in my two cents worth.

I don't believe you mentioned where this house was, but did mention that you 
were comparing seismic to 70 mph exposure "c" wind loads.  In all 
likelyhood, the building is located in an older developed  exposure "b" area 
and not exposure "c", and as someone earlier said that it may not have been 
designed for lateral loads at all.  If you use exposure "b" then it looks to 
me that seismic would govern and then you have increased the code prescribed 
lateral forces and should make a cursory check to at least make yourself 

Just another opinion.

Jeff Crosier, S.E.
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Date: Wednesday, August 14, 1996 8:12AM

I did not check the existing lateral system. This does not seem feasible
since the wind load would not have changed in the age of the building. The
lateral load to the building was governed by the wind load not the material
weight. The same wind load was in effect at the time the building was
constructed as it is today therefore no changes in the lateral load to the
building has taken place.