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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] AASHTO highway loads

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If I understand your question you are looking for the difference between
truck loads and lane loads.
For simplicity assume one lane (10 ft wide)

Standard H trucks have two axle loads which are spaced 14 ft apart.Each axle
has two wheels spaced 6 ft apart

Standart H S trucks have 6 axles: The front axle, the middle axle (14 ft
behind the the front axle), the rear axle placed 14 ft to 30 ft behind the
middle axle (spacing to be used is that which produces maximum stresses). If
the span under consideration is less than 40 ft, there is ab alternative
loading to be considered, namely two axle loads of 24 kips space 4 ft appart.
In all cases the wheels are 6 ft apart.

The lane loading is a uniform load per linear foot of load lane [for example
640 lbs per linear foot of (10 ft wide) lane or 64 psf] combined with a
concentrated load for moment design (for example 18,000 lbs) or a
concentrated load for shear design (for example 26,000 lbs)

Consider each of the above loadings placed to produce maximum effects
(moment, shear)

The aboeve is my basic interpretation