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[SEAOC] RE: [SEAOC] AASHTO highway loads

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On Wed, 14 Aug 1996 12:25:25 +0100  tarek wrote:
>The AASHTO manuel requires either a standard truck load or lane load for
>design, section 3.7. Section 3.24 provides provisions for slab design. Can
>somone please describe the difference between the two.
Hm.  Not sure from your question whether you mean the difference between the two types of loading or 
the relevance of the two sections of the code.  The two types of loading offer different 
configurations of loading to apply to the whole structure.  In other words, the entire structure from 
the beams on down into the ground must carry both types of loading successfully.  The code describes 
each loading pretty precisely.

The two sections of the code refer to different aspects of the structure.  Section 3.7 defines the 
loadings the whole structure must resist, while section 3.24 defines the more precise requirements 
for the slab design.  In the case of the slab, you're concerned with portions of the structure too 
small for either truck loading or lane loading to be effective, so it defines special conditions for 
analyzing the smaller sections of the deck.

Hope that helps.


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