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[SEAOC] signing up

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>Date: Wed, 14 Aug 1996 19:46:57
>To: SEAOC Mail List
>From: Sandy Pringle <sandyp(--nospam--at)>
>Subject: signing up
>I did a little checking since bswanney(--nospam--at)  (Bruce Swanney)
and I both had the same problem on how to unsubscribe.  I also had followed
the requirements, but AOL (an old account I maintain) also requires
something in the Body of the message so I had just been re-typing
unsubscribe in the Body as well as on the Subject line.
>Well, it turns out that the SEAOC mail server will read anything sent in
the body and  kick it out to the list.
>Shafat says, the way to solve that is to only put a space in the Body.  The
AOL mail is fooled and sends it.  The SEAOC server doesn't see anything in
the Body and processes the unsubscribe command.
>Sandy Pringle
>I wrote the preceding message and in the Subject Line I called it "How to
>The Mail list server picked up on the unsubscribe word in the subject and
sent me a message that it would unsubscribe me, but it really doesn't do
that since I had text in the body.