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[SEAOC] signing up

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I did a little checking since bswanney(--nospam--at)  (Bruce Swanney) and
I both had the same problem on how to unsubscribe.  I also had followed the
requirements, but AOL (an old account I maintain) also requires something in
the Body of the message so I had just been re-typing unsubscribe in the Body
as well as on the Subject line.
Well, it turns out that the SEAOC mail server will read anything sent in the
body and  kick it out to the list.
Shafat says, the way to solve that is to only put a space in the Body.  The
AOL mail is fooled and sends it.  The SEAOC server doesn't see anything in
the Body and processes the unsubscribe command.
Sandy Pringle

I wrote the preceding message and in the Subject Line I called it "How to
The Mail list server picked up on the unsubscribe word in the subject and
sent me a message that it would unsubscribe me, but it really doesn't do
that since I had text in the body.