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[SEAOC] Re: Help!

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The problem is with AOL email system. AOL does not allow users to send an
email with an empty message. The work around is, to press space bar once in
the body of the message and then send it. Remember, for the unsubscribe to
work, the body of the message should be empty and the Subject: field should
say "subscribe" ( no quotes.). If there is anything else in the subject or
the body, you will not be unsubscribed.

Hope that helps.


>I have an AOL account that I began working with several years ago.  I have
>since moved my work to another provider (Beachnet), but kept the AOL account.
> I too, have tried several times to unsubscribe from the mail list on my AOL
>account since I am also receiving it on my Beachnet account, but to no avail.
> I think there is a glitch in the system.
>Sandy Pringle