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[SEAOC] Steel Bracing Connection

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     It's about time for some discussion on structural steel design.

     In the August "Modern Steel Construction", the following
question is
     raised:  "In the design of braces for axial forces, gusset
plates are
     connected to the flat surface of the flanges of WT sections.
     the effect of eccentricity be considered in the design of
braces?  If
     eccentricity is to be considered, what procedure is to be

     Per the AISC Specifications, ASD J1.9 or LRFD J1.8, you can
     the eccentricity in the design of the member if the members are
     statically loaded.  No mention is made of the design of the
     plates, bolts, and welds.

     Blodgett's Design of Welded Structures recommends that you
design the
     member for the eccentricity if the attaching plate is flexible
and you
     design the plate for the eccentricity if the attaching plate is

     Any thoughts?

     Rick Drake, SE