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What is lumber "hi-grading"? Frank Woeste, Professor of Wood Construction &

At 09:36 AM 8/27/96 -0700, you wrote:
>Here's my 3 cents, which is based on my experience here in the
>Northwest where we have some snow and don't want to here about 
>  We have numerous truss manufacturors, which more often than not are
>the local lumber yard in the larger towns. 
>They purchase truss plates and engineering from almost every state,
>indcluding those that do not use the UBC, and 
>those where seismic and snow loading are not normal design
>considerations, which is OK if the engineer 
>understands and knows how to include loads from those forces in
>his(her) calc's. 
> In the course of three school projects I assumed(We all know that
>assumptions can be the mothers of many bad things...)
>that a truss plate engineer(manuf truss engineer) in a state thaT HAS
>BOTH SEISMIC & SNOW LOADs would properly address them.
>Part of my assumption was that some plan and elevation drawings were in
>the engineer's possession. After rejecting the shop drawings and
>calculations 3 times for ommissions and missing snow drift loads I
>finally asked if the engineer had the drawings showing the roof offsets
>in order to properly
>compute the snow drift loads. I was told that they didn't and it was
>not normal practice to have them! The engineer relied on information
>provided by the 
>manufacturor!! I asked if the manufacturor's rep was an engineer and
>was told,NO!! I copied the pertinant drawings and the current UBC snow 
>drift sections with the local state amendments and sent them to the
>truss engineer and finally recieved, acceptable shop drawings and calcs.
>The rest of the story is that my request for additional compensation
>was rejected by the national engineering company doing the construction
>management !
>I have also seen lumber "hi grading" but will spare you that account
>until later.
>Norb Volny