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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] Steel Bracing Connection

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At 01:11 PM 8/21/96 -0700, Rick Drake wrote:
>     Per the AISC Specifications, ASD J1.9 or LRFD J1.8, you can neglect
>     the eccentricity in the design of the MEMBER if the members are
>     statically loaded.  No mention is made of the design of the
>     connecting  plates, bolts, and welds.

ASD J1.9 says that the requirement to consider eccentricity
is "not applicable to END CONNECTIONS of statically loaded....members."
ASD J1.9 doesn't say you can neglect eccentricity for the design of MEMBERS.
It says you can neglect it in the design of END CONNECTIONS of certain members.

In theory, whether a MEMBER should be designed for eccentricity depends on
the relative rotational flexibility of the end connections.
In practice, unless it is obvious that the connections are relatively
rigid and sufficiently strong, it would be prudent to design the member for the

Dave Evans