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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] Plywood over spaced sheathing

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In reply to this query:

>I inspected a residence today that had plywwod installed over spaced
>sheathing.  The owners have reported hearing "loud popping sounds".  I
>entered the attic and my inspection revealed nothing.  
>I believe the temperature of the attic may be the culprit.  There are only a
>few attic vents in the stucco soffits.  I plan to recommend that an attic fan
>with a thermostat be added to control the temperature.

Your diagnosis sounds credible, but the recommendation sounds like a long shot.

It probably is a heat expansion and sudden slip phenomenon - the plastic
shingles on my roof make persistent crackling sounds, like falling rain,
when the sun hits the roof. We don't mind, and just accept it as background

If it's really annoying to the owners, I suggest someone spend some time in
the attic, listening and trying to spot the boards that "snap". Once they're
identified, some glue or nails could be added to lock the noisy pieces into

I think the attic fan would be a waste of effort, as the roof is the wrong
side of the insulation, and will heat up almost as much after the fan is in.
The attic fan will save air conditioning costs, however.

                                                Jim Warne