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[SEAOC] Plywood: sinkers beat common nails?

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Here are my two cents concerning a couple of comments that have appeared

Comment:  << Some had common, some had sinker (or "box") nails, and some had
 20%, or 50%, or 80% of the nails driven 1/16" or more into the sheathing.
 Their conclusion was that...etc>>

My two cents:  This statement implies that sinker and box nails are the same.
 Is that right?  I thought that box nails are those nails with the flimsy
heads that pop off at the slightest provocation.

Comment:  <<1. SEAOC should never have published this document without prior
review and approval of the relevant committee (Code Committee). The report
submitted late and had not gone through the proper cycle for review and
comments. Therefore, it was published sight unseen.>>

My two cents:  This comment refers to the paper comparing sinkers and box
nails which appeared in the 1995 SEOAC Proceedings.  My understanding is that
the papers published in the Proceedings are selected based on their potential
interest to members.  I would not expect them to go through in-depth
committee reviews prior to publication, whether or not they are submitted
late, and therefore think that the paper's publication was appropriate.
 These papers provide useful insight, but, as with any published test data,
whether by a university, vendor, or whatever, the results should be reviewed
with a critical eye.  I would think that the authors did not intend for this
information to be the last word on the subject, either.

Carl Sramek (carls95(--nospam--at)