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[SEAOC] Seismic Design of Foundations

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James Lord posted the following email question on August 31, 1996: "When 
designing a foundation of a seismic lateral resisting system, is it necessary to 
design the foundation using all the concrete seismic design provisions?"
One possible answer can be found in the June-August 1996, International 
Conference of Building Officials, Building Standards, Part III, Code Change 
Agenda, 1996 Annual Education and Code Development Conference, Item 178, Lateral 
Design Code Development Committee, Approved as Revised, page 159, which reads in 
part: "1648.2.10 Framing below the base. The strength and stiffness of the 
framing between the base and the foundation shall not be less than that of the 
superstructure.  The special detailing requirements of Chapter 19 and 22, as 
appropriate, shall apply to columns supporting discontinuous lateral 
force-resisting elements and to SMRF, IMRF and EBF system elements below the 
base which are required to transmit the forces resulting from lateral loads to 
the foundation."  Also, Item 178, Challenge 1, page 173, adds STMF and MMRWF 
systems to this Section 1648.2.10.
If Section 1648.2.10 is approved at the ICBO 1996 Annual Education and Code 
Development Conference, the above provision will be included in the 1997 Uniform 
Building Code.
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