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[SEAOC] Durability of Lightweight concrete

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I have a 30 year old lightweight concrete beamway in an amusement park
that was never intended to bear direct vehicle traffic.  The ride that
has now been removed ran on a steel rail bolted to the beamway.  The
proposed vehicle will ride tires directly on the lightweight concrete.  

The question is, how durable is lightweight concrete to tire traffic? 
The prevailing wisdom from the literature that I have investigated (ACI,
PCA, etc.) is muddled at best.  When durability of lightweight concrete
is discussed, resistance to freeze/thaw cycles is usually all that is
addressed.   At present, I have specified a cement-based overlay on the
wear surface, but this is no small cost.  Any thoughts out there on the
durability of lightweight concrete to tire traffic?  The vehicle is
comparable to a car or truck.  Is it a common practice for bridges that
use lightweight concrete to use it for the wearing surface?  Any good
references that address this question?