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[SEAOC] RE: [SEAOC] wood pile foundations

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I can't address justifying additional loads to existing wood piles, but
I have been involved in testing old wood piles for deterioration.  A
very helpful person in the Southern California area is Jeff Reith with
Timber Products Inspection (310) 596-6336.  (An alternate phone number
is (503) 254-0204 in Oregon.)  They are a complete wood testing and
evaluation service and can take small cores in existing piles, evaluate
the retention of preservative, check for rot, etc.

Kent Estes

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>Subject: 	[SEAOC] wood pile foundations
>     A homeowner asked how he could add a second story to his Malibu
>home on wood piles between the road and ocean. The house is 40 years
>old. He
>mentioned a similar project up the street had 200 kip load testing on 4
>( with sand ) recommended by the engineer ( 50 kips per pile ). This
>never happened. When i considered the volume of sand required to
>this load it seemed unworkable, inside an existing house. Powerlines
>restricted beach access make adding new piles difficult.
>     I would appreciate any information on justification of adding
>loads to old wood piles and checking for deterioration.
>    Thanks in advance.
>Tom Harris , SE
>Thousand Oaks, CA