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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] terminology

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Goodson, Mary/SFO wrote:
> Can anyone tell me what a "breach-block" connector is?


Could you be referring to a 'breech-lock' connector?  This term refers
to a connection made with matching threads such that the male is
inserted into the female then rotated only a 1/4 turn or so to fully
engage the connection. 

The term comes from the mechanism that locks the breechblock into the
breech of a canon.  The breech being the back end of the canon (where
the shell is inserted) and the breechblock being the part that swings
away to permit loading of the shell.  The breechblock is then swung back
into the breech and only a 1/4 turn is required to lock the breechblock
in place, ready for firing. 

Many modern cameras with interchangable lenses use breech-lock type
connections.  Possibly some manufacturers of rebar splices use
breech-lock type connectors?

Lew Midlam, P.E.
Fort Myers, Florida