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[SEAOC] RE: [SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] mat foundation design software

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At CH2M Hill, Inc. we have used these programs and their ancestors for
about a decade now, and produced a lot of work with them.  I would
personally recommend them for your consideration, but as with any
1.  Be sure you have read the documentation carefully enough to be sure
what the input variables really represent.
2.  Examine the results carefully to see if they make physical sense.
An approximate calculation by hand, or testing with a problem you have
solved previously by other methods can be helpful.

>From: 	John Bryan[SMTP:jaybryan(--nospam--at)]
>Sent: 	Friday, September 06, 1996 2:40 PM
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>Subject: 	[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] mat foundation design software
>Tryck Nyman Hayes, Inc. wrote:
>> Is anyone aware of software for mat foundation
>> or slab-on-grade analysis and design other
>> than MATS by ACI?
>> Thanks,
>> David Evans, P.E.
>> tnhanc(--nospam--at)
>Integrated Engineering Software has a suite of six structural analysis 
>tools called Analysis Group.  One of the tools is for rectangular mat 
>footings, and another is for beams on elastic foundations.  The cost is 
>To be honest, I haven't used this program, but I have Visual Analysis 
>from the same folks, and it is _very_ impressive and a great value.  
>They're in Bozeman Montana, phone (406) 586-8988, fax (406) 586-9151, 
>Jay Bryan