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[SEAOC] ridge vent in wood roof diaphragm

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On pitched (gabled) wood roofs using plywood sheathing over either 
prefabricated wood trusses or stick-built rafter framing there quite 
often is a continuous ridge vent, which requires a continuous opening 
in the diaphragm a couple of inches wide along the ridgeline of the 

1. Does anyone have advice on how forces in the diaphragm are handled at 
this opening?

In conjunction with the ridge vent (for air flow out), there often are 
continuous soffit vents (for air flow in) to provide the code-required 
ventilation of the attic space.  Blocking in the spaces between the 
trusses for tranfer of diaphragm forces to the top plate unfortunately 
blocks this air flow.

2. Does anyone have advice on how these two conflicting requirements 
(structural force transfer vs. architectural ventilation requirements) 
can be handled? 

Rick Burch
Columbia, SC