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[SEAOC] Concrete Cracks

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Ron's latest post prompted me to ask this question.

I'm looking for a method to calculate the deflection of a cracked concrete 
wall based on the width and length of the cracks.  To date, the best 
information I have is to reduce the shear stiffness to a percentage of the 
uncracked wall (between 30 and 50% of the original stiffness).  Has anyone 
else done this calculation or are there any references on this subject?

Where this is going  ultimately is that I'm required to do a loss of 
strength calculation on an earthquake damaged concrete shear wall building 
and the criteria I'm required to follow is to first analyze the building for 
current code forces and determine the deflection assuming uncracked 
properties.  Second, analyze the building with cracked walls and push it to 
the same deflection as the uncracked building and compare the base shear 
required to obtain this deflection.  The difference in these two base shears 
is to be my loss of strength.

I'm aware that this approach will draw many comments and different opinions 
and I'm curious to hear them all, but please remember that I'm most 
 interested in help in how to calculate deflections of a cracked wall.

Thanks in advance.

Jeff Crosier