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I pretty much agree with the comments by Jay Shilstone, including the 
part that says this is mostly conjecture. However, with respect to 
settlement and or heave cracks, while they may _appear_ similar to other 
cracks, there are usually other indicators which will help in your 
diagnosis (heaving slabs are real obvious). I suspect that seismically 
induced cracks are going to be larger than most, but that is just a 
guess. After Loma Prieta, we got a lot of calls to look at concrete 
cracks (mostly in walls) and they were all pre-earthquake. You can 
usually tell the age of a crack (like, maybe it has paint in it) so that 
if you see it soon after an earthquake you can tell. Anything cracked in 
the Northridge quake will now be difficult to pin down by age though, 
since it's been so long.

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