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[SEAOC] Re: Concret cracks

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Normally cracs due to plastic shrincage is limitet in length (up to a couple
of meters), remark that i say normally - there is times you get long cracks.

Shrinkage cracks has often a relative long length (relative to the
structure), for instance normal to the length of the structure and all
across it. 

On a slab on grade you will normally get plastical shrincage crakcs at a 45°
angle (with some exceptions). Shrinkage cracks will normally go paralell or
normal to the structures main lines (depending on the structure support and
whats on top of it.)

Cracks due to external forsec (included erthquake) cracks get different
directions according to the type of forces and how/where the attack.
All types of cracks start at the week point of the strukture, for instance
corners - holes etc.

The trouble regarded with evaluating cracks is that You often have to see
them (visual) to evaluate them. An idea in this matter is that if You have a
picture/diaphgram etc. you man put them on WWW and post the URL here. Pleace
do not attach pictures as some people pay for bytes mail received. (and
there is always problems with conversion etc.)

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