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[SEAOC] Heavy Flagstone Veneer

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Can anyone advise me as to what the current Los Angeles City post Northridge design criteria is for heavy flagstone veneer to be placed on wood stud walls?
I have a condition where the designer has drawn non-bearing panels on a large (6500 square foot) custom home which are to be covered both sides (and ends - these are 4'-0" x 2'-0" x 14'-0" tall panels) with heavy flagstone. In informed the owner and designer that I did not recommend this and advised them that from my experience in post earthquake repair, flagstone veneer will come down. The contractor - an old time mason - was enraged by my comments and has convinced the designer to remove me from the job.
I am pleased by this since I don't want the liability. I need to know what the current position by L.A. City is on veneer for justification in my final letter to the designer.
If anyone can post a section of the ordinance, or applicable paragraph, I would greatly appreciate it.
Dennis S. Wish PE

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