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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] Quality in Engineering - checking

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Bill Sherman wrote:
> Here's a topic for discussion, relating to quality in engineering:
> To what extent do you have your design's checked independently by another
> engineer?  Are your calculations checked independently by another engineer
> (licensed or unlicensed)?  How detailed is the check (number by number,
> cursory review, etc.)?  Are your drawings/details checked?  Do you have an
> independent review done of your design concept by another professional
> engineer?
> Is detailed checking cost effective?  Do your contracts with clients define
> the required level of quality control/ level of checking required?  How does
> competition affect the level of checking?  Is the playing field level when it
> comes to effort spent on checking?

I think your question is an essential one !

We regularly get our designs checked by people other than the ones
who performed the calculations at first.

Personally, I like to make "rule of the thumb" checks, like: static
deflection patterns, steel percentages, etc.
Things get pretty messy on dynamic analysis.

As for drawings, we perform 3 main reviews (25%, 50%, 75%) with
aspects to consider each time.

I am very interested on getting standards for the checking of the data
generated by the computer analysis of building structures.
Anybooudy has some ideas that would like to share ? 

With the big amount of data generated on, for example, a dynamic
analysis of 
a ten stories irregular building, it is sometimes difficult to trap
errors on the
modeling of some elements. Any idea ?

Thanks in advance for any idea.

Ing. Mauricio Estrada

P.O. BOX 1550-1000