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[SEAOC] Re: Quality in Engineering - checking

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There are many of us who are not privileged to have peer review available for the work that we do. This is due, in part, to our geographic constraints as well as the lack of availability of other structural professionals in our area that have the time and inclination to check each other's work.
I do plan checking in this area, and feel that I am as close to a peer review professional as any engineer who submits within our jurisdiction can expect. Although, I am far from perfect - I feel that I am competent. From this, I would hope that the engineer chosen to check my plan submittal is as competent and will thoroughly point out my errors as well.
This is far from a perfect course of action and the liability rests solely with the engineers whose stamp appears on the plans. However, plan check engineers should be respected for this service. I would hope that those engineers who are hired to perform plan checking would be as thorough as I would be, in order to assure a safe design.
Your comments are greatly appreciated.
Dennis Wish PE