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[SEAOC] RE: [SEAOC] Re: Concret cracks

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No....First learn to use spell check

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>Subject: 	[SEAOC] Re: Concret cracks
>Before posting PLEASE clean up the SUBJECT line (remove all the [SEAOC]
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>Normally cracs due to plastic shrincage is limitet in length (up to a couple
>of meters), remark that i say normally - there is times you get long cracks.
>Shrinkage cracks has often a relative long length (relative to the
>structure), for instance normal to the length of the structure and all
>across it. 
>On a slab on grade you will normally get plastical shrincage crakcs at a 45°
>angle (with some exceptions). Shrinkage cracks will normally go paralell or
>normal to the structures main lines (depending on the structure support and
>whats on top of it.)
>Cracks due to external forsec (included erthquake) cracks get different
>directions according to the type of forces and how/where the attack.
>All types of cracks start at the week point of the strukture, for instance
>corners - holes etc.
>The trouble regarded with evaluating cracks is that You often have to see
>them (visual) to evaluate them. An idea in this matter is that if You have a
>picture/diaphgram etc. you man put them on WWW and post the URL here. Pleace
>do not attach pictures as some people pay for bytes mail received. (and
>there is always problems with conversion etc.)
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