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At 09:27 20.09.96 -0600, "Goodson, Mary/SFO" <MGoodson(--nospam--at)>
>No....First learn to use spell check

Nope, I do not have time to use spell check (as i do not have any
spellchecker connected to my email browser), and i know that my spelling
sometimes is terrible (and this is natural when i am not having English as
my mother touge, nor speeking it dayly) 

Those who is interrested in the topic WILL understad my postings, same as i
understand terrible written Norwegian (even it sometimes is frustrating reading)

This topic has been flooding around here before. Those of you who are
interrested - check the ARCHIVE.

To the rest of You - do not bother.

If you have to send messages like this - pleace do two things:
        1. Cut off (delete) all the irrellevant text - remember that the
article you reply to has been posted before.
        2. Post it derectly to the mailer, and not to the list.

I hope the list-members will exuce me for posting this mail - but i could
not let it be. 

Pleace send all replyes DIRECT ot oysater(--nospam--at)!!

Mr. Øyvind Sæter    (Alternative: OEyvind Saeter)
M. Sc. in Civil Engineering - Structural Analysis and Concrete Technology.

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