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[SEAOC] Re: Quality of Engineering - Checking

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I would like to take this discussion further to compare the practice
in different countries.  In India, independent checking which is 
commonly known as "proof consulting" is not mandatory except for some
specialised structures such as bridges, major government buildings etc.
The scope of the checking commonly includes the following : (1) analysis
and design assumptions, (2) mathematical modelling (only on a macro 
level), (3) sample check of analysis results using independent 
analysis (which is, ofcourse, extremely simplified to verify ball-park
figures), and (4) a thorough check of the detailing in order to
eliminate the possibility of errors in the details of members and their
connection in the working drawings.  In the proof-consulting jobs 
that I have been involved in, we give a report, if necessary, in 
addition to signing the working drawings themselves.  Since the 
government projects have a fixed fee structure (which is very low) to 
cover the proof consulting, it is not possible to do review with any 
greater detail such as through independent dynamic analysis etc.

In what ways are the procedures different in other countries?  I know 
that in the US, bridge designs need to be reanalysed independently 
during the checking phase.  But what about the other structures?

I think that it would be interesting if someone could summarise the 
discussions on this thread in order to bring out the consensus views.

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