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[SEAOC] Revised Steel Beam to Column 3Rw/8 Connection Question

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In my last post I failed to re-read section 2211.6 for Ordinary Moment
Frame Requirements.
The section states that:
"3.2 The connections have been demonstrated by cyclic tests to have
adequate rotation capacity to accommodate story drift due to 3(Rw/8) times
the design seismic forces"

Would I interpret this to mean that I need to design the connection for the
moment due to static loading PLUS 3(Rw/8) times the moment due to seismic
If this is the case, then my moment is nowhere near as high as my last post
suggested since the lateral load to the frame was only 8.8 kips total and
less than 2.2 kips per node. 
Can somebody please advise me on this since I am somewhat confused?
Dennis S. Wish PE

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