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>Date: Mon, 16 Sep 1996 11:19:47 -0700
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>From: George Frantziskonis <frantzis(--nospam--at)U.Arizona.EDU>
>Subject: HW
>CE-380      Homework 1     Due September 26, 1996
>1/ Of the many types of cements the following is a partial list
>Portland-Pozzolan Cements
>Portland Blast-furnace-slag Cement
>Alumina Cements
>Expansive Cements
>For each type, give an example of a civil engineering structure that you
>would recommend it be used.
>2/ Overall, which types of cements do you view as exceptional?  Explain
>3/ The compressive strength of concrete depends upon many factors. List them
>and discuss each in relevant detail.
>4/ Consider a bridge subjected to vibrations. Make whatever (not too
>arbitrary) assumptions are necessary, i.e. stress caused during vibrations,
>maximum strength of the concrete the bridge is made of, etc. and evaluate
>the number of cycles N that would cause failure.
>5/ Explain in your own terms and understanding why increasing porosity
>reduces strength in a material
>George N. Frantziskonis, Associate Professor
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