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[SEAOC] Quality of Engineering - Checking

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Fro the record, to stand in the corner of the DSA, State Universities and 
the Cal State system does not fall under the jurisdiction of the DSA (OSA). 
 I believe the disagreement you speak of was with a consulting plan checker. 

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Subject: [SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] Re: Quality of Engineering - Checking
Date: Saturday, September 21, 1996 11:13AM

Quality checking in engineering, continued. I remember reading a few years
ago about the parking structure at CalState Northridge, the one that
collapsed. It seems the reviewer for the Office of the State Architect would
not sign off on the design because he felt it would not survive an
earthquake. The contractor shopped around and got one, or was it two,
engineers to certify the design. The structure was built, and it did indeed
collapse. My question is, how often does this happen, to your knowledge? Are
the forces so very difficult to predict? Are there any sanctions against the
hired guns?