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Mr. Woods,
The SEAOC forum is intended for discussion and interchange of ideas, not for
completing student's homework assignments for them.  Electronic media and
mail can be a great aid for distribution of an item to a mass audience, such
as what your professor has done, but you appear to be abusing that same
venue to cheat yourself out of an education of a profession that
tremendously impacts every person's life safety and property.  Besides, to
answer these homework questions, all you really need to do is open any basic
concrete design textbook and the answers are right there.

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>>From: George Frantziskonis <frantzis(--nospam--at)U.Arizona.EDU>
>>Subject: HW
>>CE-380      Homework 1     Due September 26, 1996
>>1/ Of the many types of cements the following is a partial list
>>Portland-Pozzolan Cements
>>Portland Blast-furnace-slag Cement
>>Alumina Cements
>>Expansive Cements
>>For each type, give an example of a civil engineering structure that you
>>would recommend it be used.
>>2/ Overall, which types of cements do you view as exceptional?  Explain
>>3/ The compressive strength of concrete depends upon many factors. List them
>>and discuss each in relevant detail.
>>4/ Consider a bridge subjected to vibrations. Make whatever (not too
>>arbitrary) assumptions are necessary, i.e. stress caused during vibrations,
>>maximum strength of the concrete the bridge is made of, etc. and evaluate
>>the number of cycles N that would cause failure.
>>5/ Explain in your own terms and understanding why increasing porosity
>>reduces strength in a material
>>George N. Frantziskonis, Associate Professor
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