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Valerie Eskelsen wrote:
> Just curious ... I am employed in a metal building manufacturer.  I am the
> only PE at this time.  I have strongly encouraged the powers to be to get
> another as my own PE is rather fresh.  Any checking done is either me of
> another non-engineer or checking my own work.  Whenever I run up against
> something out of my experience, I am running to the retired engineer or
> our consultant, but neither of these sources can provide routine checking.
> Suggestions?
> Valerie Tripp Eskelsen
> veskelse(--nospam--at)
> **************************************************************************
> 	I am employed by a large precast concrete manufacturer.  We have one registered engineer in each geographical area (California, Texas, 
Florida) plus myself at the corporate office.  If any of the signing P.E.'s feels a need for checking they send the design to an engineer at 
another office for review.  We also listen (with a grain of salt) to the suggestions of the other "non-engineer" engineers who may have 30 
years of experience, and at times may have good ideas, but also have no personal liability.  Keep using the retired engineer and your 
consultant plus train your staff that they "can" point out your mistakes since we all make them.  Do not let "the powers to be" compromise 
your integrity.  I understand your situation.  Good luck.

Jim Dane, P.E.