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At 06:36 AM 9/25/96 -0700, you wrote:
> I am the
>only PE at this time.  I have strongly encouraged the powers to be to get
>another as my own PE is rather fresh.  Any checking done is either me of
>another non-engineer or checking my own work.  Whenever I run up against
>something out of my experience, I am running to the retired engineer or
>our consultant, but neither of these sources can provide routine checking.

Good attitude! Metal Building Manufacturers are notorious (at least many of
the ones I encounter) for skinning weight down, skimping on details, and
using "malleable" engineers to stamp design drawings. You've spotted the
danger inherent in not getting proper design reviews. Keep up the practice
of going outside to get a good check, especially of your concepts.

You will be tested, I'm sure, as design and construction costs may go up.
But the buildings have to be safe, and you have to be honest when you
certify that the buildings meet the code. Be candid with your boss. Get
support from your professional society or your peers in other firms. To
thine own self be true. 

It'll be a character building experience. You'll be glad you chose the path
of quality. Although it could set back your prospects with this company,
it'll pay off in future jobs.

                                                         Jim Warne