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On Wed, 25 Sep 1996, James M. Warne wrote:

> At 06:36 AM 9/25/96 -0700, you wrote:
> > I am the
> >only PE at this time.  I have strongly encouraged the powers to be to get
> >another as my own PE is rather fresh.  Any checking done is either me of
> >another non-engineer or checking my own work.  Whenever I run up against
> >something out of my experience, I am running to the retired engineer or
> >our consultant, but neither of these sources can provide routine checking.
> >Suggestions?
> Good attitude! Metal Building Manufacturers are notorious (at least many of
> the ones I encounter) for skinning weight down, skimping on details, and
> using "malleable" engineers to stamp design drawings. You've spotted the
> danger inherent in not getting proper design reviews. Keep up the practice
> of going outside to get a good check, especially of your concepts.
> You will be tested, I'm sure, as design and construction costs may go up.
> But the buildings have to be safe, and you have to be honest when you
> certify that the buildings meet the code. Be candid with your boss. Get
> support from your professional society or your peers in other firms. To
> thine own self be true. 
> It'll be a character building experience. You'll be glad you chose the path
> of quality. Although it could set back your prospects with this company,
> it'll pay off in future jobs.
>                                                          Jim Warne

I agree. But, I have something to add. I am the professor asistant at
Faculty of Civil engineering in Osijek, Croatia. I am young without lots
of expirience. Whenever I have the problem, I also run to the retired 
engineers. As I intensivly use the computers, I try to encapsulate their 
knowledge in expert system which I developed on the basis of some 
commercial shell. Try this!!

					Damir Varevac