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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] Hollow Clay Brick

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This depends upon if it is a structural clay tile or a non-structural clay. Check the 1991 UCBC Appendix Chapter 5 for provisions on retrofit of unreinforced masonry buildings. All seismic zones are covered in the code, but the degree of retrofit depends upon the zone that the building lies in. Think of it this way, even if seismic did not govern, it wind might. A slenderwall URM (of extremely light weight such as clay tile) may still be affected by wall buckling. AND, if the structure predates 1934 (in area's governed by the UBC), then it is most likely that the roof and floor diaphragms are not properly connected to the walls.
Finally, it is up to the State in which you live and the local municipality as to whether the structure needs compliance or not, but if it does, there is provisions for this in the 1991 UCBC.
Dennis Wish PE