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[SEAOC] Re: Powder Actuated Driven Fasteners

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Here are some unconfirmed observations on earthquake damage that may have
related to powder actuated fasteners. 

Date of Preliminary Report: 7/2/91 
Subject : Sierra Madre, California Earthquake June 28, 1991 Compiled
Unconfirmed Observations

Motel 6 Arcadia, California Damage

"Mr. Stan Mendes called about damage he observed to Arcadia's Motel 6 at
Colorado Place which is a 1963 wood frame building. All the windows broke at
the first floor. Powder-actuated fasteners that attached the wood sills of
the wall to the slab failed by pulling loose through the wood. One wing was
heavily damaged while an orthogonal wing was not. Door jambs were broken and
carpet was pushed and buckled. Walls moved one to two inches. 5/8 gypsum wall
construction did pretty well. Temporary shear walls are needed prior to
reentry. Stan will be making further investigations to find out if the gypsum
panel edges were pulverized by nail pullout."
For more information, Stan's in the SEAOC and EERI Rosters and I'm sure he'd
be happy to follow up with a more detailed report.

>From : Fred Turner, Staff Structural Engineer
  Seismic Safety Commission