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[SEAOC] Welded Rebar advise needed

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I am using a tube steel column to transfer shear through a header - 1.9
kips. The moment at the bottom will yield an uplift of about 10 kips per
bolt (2 per side). The bottom connection is a 12" CMU wall (basement wall)
with a 4" concrete (reinforced) cap. The base plate rests on the CMU and
the column is embedded in the concrete.
I want to resist uplift (assuming the concrete will not be used to resist
the column moment) with 7/8" diameter threaded rods welded to #6 rebar
(jamb bars) embedded into the footing. 
I need a design example for the welded connection (i.e., lap and weld
design). This is the first time I've done this and am not comfortable with
Could someone please advise how to design this connection? Would it be
better to keep the base plate above the concrete for better distribution of
the crushing end of the plate?
Please advise.

Thanks in advance,
Dennis Wish PE

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